Who I am?


I began my career in information security before discovering a passion for marketing, which distinguished me from my engineering peers. This interest led me to marketing roles, where I quickly learned the importance of having a great product.

I then moved to product marketing, focusing on key revenue growth drivers: acquisition, retention, and monetization.

My role as a growth manager in a B2B2C privacy-focused unicorn allowed me to further explore these areas, eventually becoming Head of Growth at a martech startup.

During forced migration in 2022, I was struck by the chaotic state of individual taxation. This experience led me to found a startup aimed at simplifying tax management for digital nomads. Our journey hit some bumps in the road, we ran out of cash, made some bad product choices, and dealt with mental health issues. But I took those lessons and turned them into fuel to keep pushing for new ideas and growth.

Now I am a co-founder of another tax management startup - SavvyNomad. We help expats and digital nomads from the US save on taxes by moving their domicile into states with 0% income tax and providing a network of tax advisers/accountants/relocation specialists.


Despite my love for marketing and entrepreneurship, work is not all my life.

I love

Explore nature

Visiting new countries


Meet new people

Care about plants

My 37yo bonsai

Play with my cat

My lovely cat - "Holy"

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